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Hello Everyone,

To be honest I am not sure what all is going to be as content (mostly RPi stuff) here. I am huge proponent of small computing meaning Raspberry Pi’s, Rock PIs and such. I have OpenWRT working on a RPi4 (CM4 Model w/seeedo carrier board Dual 1 gb Nics ), This is my main router now. I also have a pfSense router/firewall in a Proxmox VM and it works like a champ. I also have 17 Raspberry Pi’s/Rock Pi’s that I use to experiment with. Right now they are configured as (4) 8 gb PIs w/Pimox installed, (3) Rock Pi’s with 4 gb ram, w/Docker, (5) 2 gb PIs w/Docker, (4) 4 gb Raspberry Pi’s w/microk8s, (4) Orange Pi 5’s the (4 gb & 16 gb) models & 1 CM4 based Raspberry Pi w/a seeedo carrier board. I just received my first Raspberry Pi 5 and i have no clue what I am going to use it for or test it with.

I am going to try and learn ya sumpin’ with step b step articles to make somethings work on Raspberry Pi’s. I will also be posting some other things that I have learned along the way and they may not be Pi related just a fair warning is all. I appreciate your time and I hope you enjoy your stay here with us. Visit our discord server. Thank you for stopping by…Have an awesome day folks!

New TedGetal 9U Rack moded with wheels for easy maneuverability.

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