CM4 with Seeedo Dual Nic companion board 32 gb eMMC

Are you tired of not being able to config your retail router the way you want then follow this article to router freedom:

note: The prices below were at the time I bought these: The prices are probably higher now!
Hardware List:
1 – Dual Nic Carrier Board – $45
2 – Raspberry Pi 4 – CM4 – $80
3 – Case from seeedstudio website – I printed my own case – Unknown Value
4 – Power Adapter for the Pi – $11

note: run an ethernet cable from your pc to this mini router’s LAN Port

You must burn the OS to the onboard eMMC of the seeedo companion board: here is the guide for that OS eMMC deployment.
After you preform the above follow this guide to do basic configuration:
1 – ssh in to the new router -> ssh user@ip_address
2 – type passwd > put in your new password > press enter
note: at the prompt
3 – Type: uci set network.lan.ipaddr=”Your_IP_Here” > press enter
4 – Type: uci commit network > press enter
5 – /etc/init.d/network restart > press enter
6 – Open your browser and type the ip you entered above.

7 – Network > Interfaces > at the bottom click Add new interface
8 – new interface name here – Protocol > dhcp client – device > your_nic_here
Usually your br-lan (ISP/Router) is going to be the WAN side with a DHCP and your Client Device (LAN) will be a Static IP.

9 – Choose the interface you just created > edit > Protocol – DHCP Client > Device – eth1 > check the bring up on boot check box

10 – Firewall Settings > wan > Create / Assign firewall-zone – Choose WAN in Dropdown – save > then save and apply.

11 – On your workstation Choose your OpenWRT LAN IP as your gateway for ex:

12 – surf to internet to see if it is working.

I know this one was a short one but I felt the need to post it. I will be posting another one with a Raspberry Pi 4 Model B. It only has one nic but you can use a USB to Ethernet adapter on the USB 3.0 port of the RPi4 as your Second Nic and it will install the same way as this did. Just different hardware.

I hope you enjoyed this article, Please come back soon. Thank you.

By Michael Cooper

30 years in IT last 15 as a Senior Systems Engineer. GO BUCKS!

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